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     Greetings, traveller! I am called Hrimhari, the wolf-prince from the Enchanted Forest of Asgard. I have been first depicted on Marvel Comics' New Mutants Special 1 : Asgardian Wars, then in many others. One of the infinite alternate realities I exist has been registered on the What If... the X-Men had stayed in Asgard? (vol. 2, no. 12), art by Sam Delarosa. An interesting thing about this issue is that the artist seemed to preserve the style of Arthur Adams regarding Rahne and myself. In some of these issues it is mentioned that I had known Hogun the Grim before, but such an issue has not yet been found. Nonetheless, I believe it is important to offer information on my dear realm: Asgard.

     I feel I have the duty to review such pictures, therefore here is my oppinion. I think Bret Blevins is the best one to draw my dear Rahne and even myself, but he cannot draw wolves. Every attempt he made to do so came out as one of these dog races.. labrador, I believe.

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   [img: PawPrint]Wikipedia entry: a wonderfully detailed description of me.
   [img: PawPrint] Hrimhari of the Wolves: the wolf-prince from Asgard, one of the former loves of Wolfsbane and the reason of these documents.
   [img: PawPrint] The New Mutants: Charles Xavier's youngest team, whose Wolfsbane was the first member and to which she was first affiliated with.
   [img: PawPrint] Rahne Sinclair a.k.a. Wolfsbane: That beautiful lady wolf who charmed Hrimhari during the Asgardian Wars.
   [img: PawPrint] The X-Men: a short abstract about them.

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