How to configure CD/DVD Buttons on Toshiba A70

This How-To explains what to do if you wish to change the default behavior of your Toshiba A70's CD/DVD buttons. This probably works for any laptop that uses the EzButton software from Dritek System.

By default, this software allows you to change only the Programmable Button, but you can add the other buttons in the registry and then you'll be able to change their behavior as well.

Using all this with Winamp 2

Winamp 2 has poor support for command line control, but you can get a plugin/tool from
to help you with that, such as WinampConsoleControl.

If you choose to use WCC, the Command value for the Play/Pause button would look like this:

"C:\Program Files\WinampConsoleControl\WCC.exe" playpause

And here's a snapshot of my regedit with this setting:

Snapshot of the Registry Editor

Good luck! : )

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