I once decided to put some of my artwork pieces on display. I'm no Boris Vallejo, far from it, but I think they have their merit, if not only to show a small evolution on my drawing skills.

The first image on the gallery's list is a ruler I made for my Hrimhari fan site, called eyemarble.gif. Clicking there you will see how it looks like out of a wallpaper. I made it drawing everything on PhotoStyler: I created a large yet low heighted rectangle and painted the eye mask, then I applied a custom "rip" mask and turned the outside into invisible. I used to like PhotoStyler very much...

[img: hrimhari.gif]

Hrimhari.gif is one of my first computer-art creations. I made it to use as the logo image of the site, but I gave up as it didn't look good enough. I did a poligonal overview of my idea on Paintbrush, then I started to draw it first on Paintbrush, then on PhotoStyler.

Rahne.gif was inspired on Bret Blevins' artwork and was made after the above one, also in poligonal-Paintbrushed view (which is going to be explained further on), first made in Paintbrush while I was spending a night at Duó's house, then finished with PhotoStyler when I got back home.

[img: rahne.gif]

This is the image which lead to a simple animation I once did. It's not my creation, but an artwork from a Marvel Comics issue I remade by hand on Paintbrush. Just a few months after it was done I finished it on PhotoStyler.

[img: ww2.gif]

[img: wolf.jpg]

Wolf.jpg was my first computer artwork which I actually though great. It's "father" was fully-made on Paintbrush, when I didn't have PhotoStyler yet, and also was my first experiment with poligonal-Paintbrushed view. It was used on my first webpage version too : ) Then, after I made ww2.gif, I finished it on PhotoStyler and you can see what it is now. I made a wallpaper from it too, now used on most of my web-pages. It is based on the cover of the Sega Genesis game "Wolfchild".

This is one of my paper drawings. I call this scanned version by Rahneart.gif. It's my best and favorite drawing. This one was based on a card of a comics character called Tempo. I thought the pose would look good on Rahne, so here it is...

[img: rahne.gif]

[img: hrimart.gif]

This is another scan from paper. AD&W Hrimhari. This one was made during a Role Play adventure.. I made it quite quickly during one of the campaign's day in the back of the character sheet. This is possibly the best artwork I ever made along with the Rahne one above, and I didn't base it on anything but my weak imagination : )

This is a more recent artwork, after a 3-year vacation from drawing. Another Role-Play character, but not Hrimhari : ) Actually I forgot the name we gave to this character... Anyway, there are basically three things I think I should have tried to make better in this artwork: proportions (naturally), texture and the muzzle's grin.

[img: nothrim.jpg]

[img: akiras.jpg]

Even more recent than the previous one, Akiras is a character that I met in Furcadia. I offered to make an artwork picturing how she'd like to see herself, and this is the result. I got the landscape from a small park in front of where my brother used to live in Curitiba, the Barigui Park. I'm not satisfied AT ALL with the muzzle in this drawing, just like I wasn't with the previous one.

What I called by poligonal-Paintbrushed view is a method I used to begin drawing by squares and triangles delimiting the area that something would occupy. I. e. The eye of the wolf compared with it's face. It's face is represented by a square, and the eye is about the left-up corner, represented by another, much smaller, square. After diagramming of the areas, I started with the easier parts. The eye is a good example of it too.

It's obviously like what good artists do with paper artworks when they draw ellipses with lighter pencils before actually doing the artwork. The polygonal shapes help to give an idea of how the final work will look like. The problem is that it doesn't do miracles: if the artist have a poor sense of proportions (like me) things don't come out that good most of the time.

I believe that it can be easily noticed how my paper artworks are better than my computer artworks, as I hope you can see by comparing my "paper" Rahne and my "computer" rahne...

I have more drawings in paper (or I think I still do), but I couldn't scan them in a good quality (I made them in line-patterned papers I use on my notebook) so I decided not to put them on display.

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