Prince Hrimhari:

      "Hrimhari means Frost Hair in ancient english, wolf-prince in some other language... but the fact is that I am a wolf who can shift into a wolfman shape (not a werewolf). My wolf form is like a grey-wolf form but with a sligthly larger size and silvery coat. My wolfman form has a 5'11 (1,80m) size, weighting 165 lbs (75kg), same coat, with wolf legs, tail and ears, but most human appearance, even with teeth and claws being a little bigger.

[img: Hrimhari at Tiwaz' Home]       I fell in love with
Rahne when she went to Asgard with the New Mutants in the Asgardian Wars epic. Unlike she, I had thoughts about her until she went back when Mirage was corrupted by Hela. Then, we finnaly broke relations and never saw each other again".

      (Fan fiction part starts here) Prince Hrimhari spent the first milenium of his immortal live in Midgard (Earth), Southern Norway, with his pack of wolves. Since then he has acquired such a reputation among those who knew him it is told that his word is accepted as plain truth in all Asgard and other few of the nine worlds. While in Midgard, he had conflicting interests with Loki twice. In the second time he died in battle, beeing carried by the valkiryes to Valhalla, the hall of the slain heroes, where Odin himself gave him the guard of the Enchanted Forest, beyond the Asgard Mountains and bordering on the Sea of Mamora. (Fan fiction part ends here) He was on Loki's plans for one more time when the God of Cheats tried to make Storm the new God of Thunder (during that saga, Danielle Moonstar became a valkirie); and helped to defeat Hela when she corrupted all the valkiries with a demonic spell and tried to kill Odin by Moonstar's hands during His Holy Sleep, which would make His soul her slave, and also His powers.

      His shape-changing abilities are not very known. He seems to be limited to these two shapes - wolf and wolfman - although he have shown the potential of adopting a more harmful shape (more wolflike, nearly 10' standing on hind feet, 330 lbs) when Loki used the Obedience Collar on him for hunting Loki's enemies. It's more likely that he does not know how to assume that shape himself, but it is possible that he just chooses not to, as a matter of lack of necessity.

      The last informations about his life confirm that he had only a fairly small pack of wolves (but maybe the only asgardian one) in the Enchanted Forest. If such thing is possible, his pack could have been the equivalent to heaven to norse wolves.

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