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Pictures of Me

3cm x 4cm, also known as pocket pic. Me and my mom with her Mother's Day bouquet My first Shadow VT600C in my former building's garage in Barra da Tijuca

Me and Jessica on the Castelinho Fantasy Party. I made the costume using a rubber mask I got for my birthday from Duó as the structure and tied the fur cloth over it. I also made the muzzle functional, that is, it opens with my mouth, see? Me in the Roller Coaster of Terra Encantada. My bro's magic hand took that pic. Me, mom, bro and his wife in formal suits. I think it was one of my cousin's wedding from São Paulo.

Me, coming back up on the bungee-jump. Once again, my bro shows that he could have been a professional photographer if he wanted to... I, in the other hand, forgot to remove the lens cover when it was his turn. Damn... Me, showing my wolf-stamped kimono belt. Yup, I used to do karate with that belt. Aren't I a wolf enthusiast? My amateur side-kick. This Bruce Lee kick was more or less an accident. I tried it once and noticed that the camera was going automatically into long exposure, so I thought: hmm.. that could make some good fx...

Graduation Picture for Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering and Industrial Engineering for 2002.1. See if you can find me there : ) Me and mom on Graduation Pic day. My second bike, also a Shadow VT600C, in my former building's parking lot in Botafogo.

GRRRRR, I mean, me in my self-done werewolf makeup for the 2002 Howloween in Santa Monica, California. Me and my werewolf hat O.o

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Miscelaneous Pics

A snow-pup I made on my trip to Bariloche, Argentina. Don't worry, I can't blame you if you can't see the poor thing. Looks like the creator's the only one that can easily see it : ) Some hints: the pup's head is near the southwest corner and the hind legs is sort of near the northeast. My cat, Manoel, playing hide'n'seek with me. Nope, not a milk advertising, although I wouldn't complain if the Parmalat company paid me for this pic... Manoel in "his chair". Taking pictures with no flash to avoid reflexion in the cat's eyes isn't easy...

Close-up of Manoel. Can you tell he's sleepy and cursing this photography session? Side close-up of Manoel. A nice example of how you can use your camera's macro feature with other things rather than picturing your pet. Sillouette of Manoel. Looks like my cat likes to live on the edge just like me...

Eating the streets in my bike. I was giving a lift to my friend, Eduardo Poyart, and he took this pic with his Yahoo! digital camera. My Article about JNI exposed at the CS Department : D Muffin, my borther's, erm, beautiful dog after a nice bath when it was just a pup. It's now gone to dog's heaven, we hope.

My room in Botafogo, a few weeks after I moved there.

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