Rahne Sinclair:
[img: Rahne pondering about how to make her hair grow and look more punk-like]

Rahne Sinclair (a.k.a. Wolfsbane) is a mutant with the power to morph into a half-human/half-wolf form and a full-wolf form. She has red/brown hair, brown eyes (or green or blue.. no one knows exactly, or maybe she just uses colored contact lenses sometimes), and actually have a size of 5'5''. When in half-human form, she has her size increased to 6' or more, brown coat, wolf ears, tail, legs and part of her face. When in wolf form, she's slightly larger than normal wolves of her equivalent age, but has the same coat. She was a member of the old New Mutants (at that time, she had the same size of Hrimhari, but on the X-tinction Agenda issues, something happened). When she turned into a mutoid, she lived on Genosha then joined X-Factor.

"I think I'm somewhat late in these things, but I guess she's on Excalibur right now".

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